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About commissioning

How Oxfordshire County Council commissions external service providers.

The council has been working recently to improve its approach to commissioning. The council uses its resources to arrange to buy a wide range of services for the public. Many of these services are provided by external service providers who have a contract with the council. We call this process ‘commissioning’.

The following pages are designed to help service providers and the voluntary sector get the information they need to work with the council to deliver support to people in Oxfordshire.

Provider information

Oxfordshire is served by a great number and variety of providers of care. They range from large national organisations working with certain age groups or disabilities, to smaller local organisations aimed at supporting people with very specific needs.

The county council has a strong commitment to work with its suppliers to ensure that good quality servics are available for people who reside in Oxfordshire and need support. A part of our role in this is to offer information that suppliers may use as best practice and to signpost them to documents and sites that can give general guidance and information.

Listed below are documents that we hope you find useful.

Latest news

Visit the news and updates page for commissioning news documents that you may find useful.

Business plans

Through Joint Commissioning we are aiming to achieve better outcomes for children and their families, adults and older people in Oxfordshire. As resources reduce, we need to work flexibly and to have more delegated authority to make decisions closer to the front line - closer to those who use our services.

Oxfordshire County Council’s business strategies set out the improvement journey the council has undertaken over the last 10 years highlighting the performance, partnership and efficiency improvements made. They set out the challenges ahead, how we needed to tackle them to ensure that we continue to serve the people of Oxfordshire well.

To ensure success, it is increasingly critical that we create, strengthen and maintain a range of relationships with third parties of all types to find new and cost effective ways of delivering services and better outcomes for all service users through our commissioning practices. These relationships are key to both achieving success in the way we use our significant budgets collectively.

Other strategies and policies

The strategies and plans below will help you understand how we will make these relationships work.

The Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy

The Shadow Health and Wellbeing Board has published the first Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy for Oxfordshire.  The Strategy is based on issues identified through the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment  and sets out the vision and priorities for action that will improve the health and wellbeing of the people of the County through partnership working.

Oxfordshire's Joint Health & Wellbeing Strategy 2012 - 2016

Children and Young People's Joint Commissioning Strategy

The aim of this strategy is to ensure that externally commissioned services are based on need and on the evidence of what works.

Oxfordshire Children and Young People's Joint Commissioning Strategy: 2013-2016 (.pdf format, 589 KB)

Older People's Joint Commissioning Strategy

This joint strategy has been put together by a team of older people, people from the voluntary sector, our two local NHS trusts, the district and city councils, GPs and the County Council, following a wide consultation on the strategy.

Oxfordshire Older People's Joint Commissioning Strategy: 2013-2016 (.pdf format, 192 KB)

Autism Joint Commissioning Strategy

This strategy provides a framework for the changes needed to enable children, young people and adults with autism, and their families the opportunity to lead satisfying and valued lives.

Oxfordshire Autism Joint Commissioning Strategy: 2013 – 2017 (.doc format, 518 KB)


The Oxfordshire Compact and its codes have been in place since 2004 and remains the main guidance and referral document for local voluntary and statutory organisations. More information can be found on the Oxfordshire Partnership website.

Learning Disabilities Plan

Physical Disabilities

Ageing Successfully

Ageing Successfully brings together strategies and plans for changing the way we think about ageing, how we can all contribute to living healthier and more fulfilling lives as we get older and how we can keep our independence for as long as possible and live our lives in the ways we wish

Ageing Successfully: Forward from 50 - Oxfordshire’s Strategy for Ageing: 2010 – 2015 (.pdf format, 878 KB)

Security Incident Management

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