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Appealing for a school place

You may appeal for a place at the school you want if you have not been offered a place.

Impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) on appeals

This summer’s appeal hearings will be heard remotely and we will be emailing parents in due course with dates of when these will be arranged.We will do our best to ensure that as many appeals as possible are heard by the standard deadlines but regret that some appeals may be heard later than we would have expected.

Appeal for preferred school

Pupil details

Note: You may be required to provide proof of you child's main residence

Refused admission to school year group

Parent/guardian/carer details

Address (if different from above)

If you are moving house

If you are in the process of moving house and this forms part of the reason for your appeal, you should forward the proof of exchange of contracts or tenancy agreement for the new address to the Clerk to the Panel as soon as possible.


If you are having problems uploading the form contact us.

Reasons for appeal information

You can complete the reasons for appeal document (pdf format, 89Kb) separately enabling you to spend more time providing these answers. Then complete the online appeals form above leaving the reasons section blank and attach the document as a supporting file at the end of the submission.

Printable appeal form

You can download, print and complete this appeal for preferred school form (pdf format, 460 Kb) and send it to the School Appeals Team, Democratic Services, County Hall, New Road, Oxford OX1 1ND

Last reviewed
28 February 2017
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