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Oxfordshire's district chairmen and town mayors

Details about the chairmen of Oxfordshire's district councils and town mayors.

Chairman of Oxfordshire County Council

Zoe Patrick

Councillor Zoe Patrick
Email: chairman@oxfordshire.gov.uk

Personal Assistant, Sara Lenihan
Tel: 07917 092949
Email: sara.lenihan@oxfordshire.gov.uk

Chairman of Cherwell District Council

Maurice Billington

Councillor Maurice Billington
Email: chairman@cherwell-dc.gov.uk

Personal Assistant to Chairman, Liz Matthews
Tel: 01295 227967
Email: liz.matthews@cherwell-dc.gov.uk

Chairman of South Oxfordshire District Council

Councillor Jeannette Matelot

Assistant to the Leaders and Chairmen, Karen Dodd
Tel: 01235 422082
Email: karen.dodd@southandvale.gov.uk


Chairman of Vale of White Horse District Council

Councillor Reg Waite

Assistant to the Leaders and Chairmen, Karen Dodd
Tel: 01235 422082
Email: karen.dodd@southandvale.gov.uk

Chairman of West Oxfordshire District Council

norman macrae

Councillor Norman MacRae MBE
Email: Norman.MacRae@westoxon.gov.uk

Personal Assistant, Mandy Smith
Tel: 01993 861613
Email: mandy.smith@westoxon.gov.uk

Lord Mayor of Oxford

Councillor Jean Fooks

Executive Assistant to the Lord Mayor, Deputy Lord Mayor and Sheriff, Lizzie Spokes
Tel: 01865 252414
Email: civicoffice@oxford.gov.uk


Mayor of Abingdon on Thames

Alice Badcock

Councillor Jan Morter

Town Clerk, Mr Nigel Warner
Tel: 01235 468349
Email: nigel.warner@abingdon.gov.uk

Mayor’s Secretary, Andrea Bessenyei
Tel: 01235 468340
Email: mayor@abingdon.gov.uk

District:  Vale of White Horse

Mayor of Banbury

Colin Clarke

Councillor Colin Clarke
Email: townmayor@banbury.gov.uk

Town Clerk, Mark Recchia
Tel: 01295 250340
Email: town.clerk@banbury.gov.uk

Events Manager, Ann Sewell
Tel: 01295 817314
Email: ann.sewell@banbury.gov.uk

District: Cherwell

Mayor of Bicester

Les Sibley

Councillor Les Sibley

Chief Officer, Mrs Samantha Shippen
Tel: 01869 252915
Email: samantha.shippen@bicester.gov.uk

Mayor's PA, Julie Trinder

District: Cherwell

Mayor of Burford

John white

Councillor John White

Town Clerk Maggie Andrews
Tel: 01993 823647
mail: burfordcouncil@btconnect.com

District:  West Oxfordshire

Mayor of Carterton

Lynn Little

Councillor Lynn Little
Email: councillorlittle@gmail.com

Town Clerk, Mr Ron Spurs
Email: rspurs@carterton-tc.gov.uk
Tel: 01993  842156

Administration Assistant, Scott Edwards
Tel: 01993 842156

District:  West Oxfordshire

Mayor of Chipping Norton

michael tysoe

Councillor Michael Tysoe

Town Clerk Mrs Vanessa Oliveri.
Email: cntownclerk@btconnect.com

Town Clerk’s Secretary Miss Kay Linnington.  
Email: cntc@btconnect.com
Tel: 01608 642341

District: West Oxfordshire

Mayor of Didcot

Jackie Billington

Councillor Jackie Billington
Email: mayor@didcot.gov.uk

Town Clerk, Kathy Fiander
Tel: 01235 750036
Email: kfiander@didcot.gov.uk

Mayor’s Assistant, Beth Gillham/Sally Robinson
Email: bgillham@didcot.gov.uk / srobinson@didcot.gov.uk
Tel: 01235 812637

District: South Oxfordshire

Mayor of Faringdon

Mike Wise

Councillor Dr Mike Wise

Town Clerk, Mrs. Sally Thurston
Email: sally@faringdontowncouncil.gov.uk

Assistant Town Clerk, Liz Billson
Tel: 01367 240281
Email: liz@faringdontowncouncil.gov.uk

District:  Vale of White Horse

Mayor of Henley

Kellie Hinton

Councillor Kellie Hinton

Town Clerk, Janet Wheeler
Tel: 01491 630074
Email: j.wheeler@henleytowncouncil.gov.uk

Mayor’s PA, Mrs Leena Wisely
Tel: 01491 630079
Email: l.wisely@henleytowncouncil.gov.uk

District:  South Oxfordshire

Mayor of Thame

Tom Wyse

Councillor Tom Wyse

Town Clerk, Graham Hunt
Email: graham.hunt@thametowncouncil.gov.uk

Administration Officer, Rosie Collins
Tel: 01844 260495
Email: rosie.collins@thametowncouncil.gov.uk

District:  South Oxfordshire

Mayor of Wallingford

Mick Kidley

Councillor Michael (Mick) Kidley
Email: mayor@wallingfordtc.co.uk

Town Clerk, Mrs Paula Lopez
Email: townclerk@wallingfordtc.co.uk

Senior Admin/ Mayor’s Secretary, Mrs Barbara Atkins
Tel: 01491 835373
Email: senioradmin@wallingfordtc.co.uk

District:  South Oxfordshire

Mayor of Wantage

Councillor Stephen Trinder

Councillor Stephen Trinder

Town Clerk, William Falkenau
Email: wantageclerk@btconnect.com

Secretary, Marilyn Eagan
Tel: 01235 763459
Email: meaganwtc@btconnect.com

District:  Vale of White Horse

Mayor of Witney

Councillor Christoper Woodward

Councillor Christopher Woodward

Town Clerk, Sharon Groth
Tel: 01993 704379
Email: sharon.groth@witney-tc.gov.uk

Administrator & Mayor’s PA, Adam Clapton
Tel: 01993 777824
Email: adam.clapton@witney-tc.gov.uk

District:  West Oxfordshire

Mayor of Woodstock

Patricia Redpath

Councillor Patricia Redpath 
Email: info@woodstock-tc.gov.uk

Town Clerk, Janine Sexton
Email: janine.sexton@woodstock-tc.gov.uk

Administrative Assistant, Christine Inker
Tel: 01993 811216
Email: christine.inker@woodstock-tc.gov.uk

District:  West Oxfordshire

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28 March 2018
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