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South Oxfordshire strategic planning applications

Strategic planning applications submitted to South Oxon District Council that we have commented on.

Application number Response date Location Proposal Document(s)
P17/S3053/O-4 17/04/2018 Land off Monument Road Chalgrove Outline planning application for the erection of up to 230 dwellings with public open space, landscaping and sustainable drainage system (SuDS) and vehicular access points from the B480 and Monument Road. All matters reserved except for means of access. (As per soils and agriculture report received 01 December 2017 and Transport Technical Note received 6 December 2017, as per additional information received 07 February 2018 and amplified by drawings received 15 March 2018). OCC response to P17/S3053/O-4 (pdf format, 260Kb)  
P18/S0399/SCO 29/03/2018 Land at Bayswater near Headington Oxfordshire Scoping opinion request for construction of up to 750 residential dwellings, local centre and associated infrastructure. OCC response to P18/S0399/SCO (pdf format, 325Kb)
P17/S3835/SCO 23/11/2017 Berinsfield Request for EIA Scoping Opinion on Berinsfield Masterplan OCC response to P17/S3835/SCO (pdf format, 223 Kb)
P17/S3719/SCO 17/11/2017 Culham Science Village Scoping opinion request in support of an outline planning application for a residential led mixed use development. OCC response to P17/S3719/SCO (pdf format, 200 Kb)
P17/S3565/SCO 31/10/2017 Chalgrove Airfield, Chalgrove Development of up to 3,000 new residential unit and a local, up to 5 hectares of employment land, sites for two primary schools and a secondary school. OCC response to P17/3565/SCO (pdf format, 219 Kb)
P17/S3053/O 16/10/2017 Land off Monmument Road, Chalgrove Outline planning application for the erection of up to 230 dwellings with public open space, landscaping and sustainable drainage system OCC response to P17/S3053/O (pdf format, 234 Kb)
P17/S3029/SCO 12/09/2017 South of Great Western Park, Didcot Scoping opinion for proposed outline application for the development of land to the south of Great Western Park, for approximately 1,023 dwellings. OCC response to P17/S3029/SCO (pdf format, 191 Kb)
P16/S1196/SCO 01/06/2016 Land to the south of Grenoble Road and B480 Watlington Road Request for scoping opinion of South District Council in accordance with Regulation 13 of the Town and Country planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations 2011 (as amended) for the proposed South Oxford Garden Neighbourhood. OCC's final response to P16/S1196/SCO (pdf format, 228 Kb)
P15/S2902/O 16/10/2015 Amendment: 02/02/2016 Amendment: 24/05/2016 Land to the north east of Didcot Outline planning application with details of the means of access only to be considered for a new and integrated neighbourhood to the northeast of Didcot of up to 1880 homes (with up to 40% being Affordable Housing) and comprising: (i) two new primary schools; (ii) a new secondary school (iii) a new leisure/ sports facility and sports pitches, including a pavillion; (iv) a neighbourhood centre comprising: a 1500 sqm Class A1 (shop) use; up to 5 units, each 200 sqm, of small flexible units within Classes A1, A2, A3, A4 or A5; a Class A4 or A3 mixed use Public House/restaurant; a Class C1 hotel; and a Class D1 non-residential institutional use (for example a creche or children's day nursery); (v) a new community hall; (vi) a Class C3 residential Extra Care Housing facility; (vii) new areas of green infrastructure including amenity green space, allotments and children's play areas; and (viii) a comprehensive suite of other supporting town-wide and site-specific assoiciated infrastructure. OCC's final response to P15/S2902/O (pdf format, 491 Kb)

OCC's amended response to P15/S2902/O (pdf format, 311 Kb)

OCC's amended (2) response to P15/S2902/O (pdf format, 140 Kb)
P15/S2159/O 28/08/2015 Amendment: 29/01/2016 Car Park, Station Road, Didcot OX11 7NN Outline planning application for demolition of existing buildings and a mixed use development comprised of up to 300 residential units (use class C3), a 70-bed hotel (use class C1), up to 800 sqm gym (use class D2), up to 2,400 sqm retail uses (A1, A2, A3, A4, A5), up to 1,800 sqm commercial office floorspace (use class B1), a replacement nursery school (use class D1) and a decked car park of up to three levels and supporting infrastructure. Closure of Lydalls Road to allow for redevelopment and altered pedestrian access.  All matters are reserved except for new means of vehicular access to the site. OCC's final response to P15/S2159/O  (pdf format, 595 Kb)

OCC's amended response to P15/S2159/O (pdf format, 604 Kb)
P15/S1880/O 20/08/2015

Amendment: 21/09/2015

Amendment: 06/11/2015

Amendment: 12/01/2016

Amendment: 24/02/2016
Land at former Didcot A Power Station, Purchas Road, Didcot Mixed use redevelopment comprising up to 400 dwellings (C3), 110,000ms of Class B2/B8 units, 25,000 m2 of Class B1 units, 13.000 m2 Class A1 units (includes 1,500m2 convenience food store), 150 bed Class C1 hotel and 500m2 of Class A3/A4 pub/restaurant, including link road, related open space, landscaping and drainage infrastructure, together with reservation of land for link road and Science Bridge. Cross boundary application Vale of White Horse and South Oxfordshire. OCC's final response to P15/S1880/O  (pdf format, 1.1 Mb)

OCC's amended response to P15/S1880/O  (pdf format, 163 Kb)

OCC's amended (2) response to P14/S1880/O (pdf format, 669 Kb)

OCC's amended (3) response to P15/S1880/O (pdf format, 711 Kb)

OCC's amended (4) response to P15/S1880/O (pdf format, 490 Kb)
P15/S0433/FUL 22/05/2015

Amendment: 09/07/2015
Orchard Shopping Centre, Didcot OX11 7LL Demolition of existing buildings and construction of 1 and 2 storey buildings comprising retail units (Use Class A1), flexible retail units (Use classes A1/A3), restaurants (Use Class A3), a gym (Use Class D2); replacement public toilets; new public realm; improvements to existing public realm; new landscaping; realignment of drainage channel and alterations to access comprising amendments to the existing parking layout; additional car, motorcycle and cycle parking; new servicing area, new and amended access from the highway (including relocated bus route and closure of the High Street to allow redevelopment for retail use) and altered/ new pedestrian access. OCC's final response to P15/S0433/FUL Didcot (pdf format, 457 Kb)

OCC's amended final response to P15/S0433/FUL Didcot (pdf format, 413 Kb)
P14/S2860/O 05/12/2014 Amendment: 05/10/2015

Amendment: 09/12/2015 Amendment: 16/03/2016
Land to the West of Wallingford (Site B), Wallingford Residential development comprising 555 dwellings, 1 form entry primary school, associated landscaping and open spaces, construction of new access onto the A3140 Calvin Thomas Way/Bosley Way, construction of a public transport link/emergency access onto Wantage Road and other supporting infrastructure works and facilities. OCC Final response to P14/S2860/O Wallingford (pdf format, 436 Kb)

OCC's Amended Final response to P14/S2860/O Wallingford (pdf format, 949 Kb)

OCC's Amended (2) Response to P14/S2860/O Wallingford (pdf format, 580 Kb) OCC's Amended (3) Response to P14/S2860/O Wallingford (pdf format, 334 Kb)
P97/W0721/O 18/06/2014 Ladygrove Parcel IV, Land north of Wallingford Road, Didcot Residential development with roads and open space. (As amplified by 'Statement of Development Principles' which accompanied the letter from the Agent dated 4 April 2006). OCC Final response to P97/WO721/O Didcot (pdf format, 124Kb)

Older applications

For any strategic planning applications submitted before April 2014, please contact the Major Planning Applications Team or South Oxfordshire District Council for further information.

Last reviewed
30 May 2018
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