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Teachers - conditions of employment

Conditions of service for school teachers at Oxfordshire County Council.

Your appointment is subject to the terms and conditions of the current School Teachers' Pay and Conditions Document and the Conditions of Service for School Teachers in England and Wales as supplemented by the county council's locally negotiated conditions.


Your salary will be paid monthly in arrears by bank credit transfer.

Working hours

A teacher employed full-time shall be available for work 1265 hours in any school year. These hours are to be allocated reasonably throughout the 195 days of the school year. This provision does not apply to deputy headteachers, assistant headteachers, advanced skills teachers, Fast Track teachers or teachers employed to teach part-time. If the post you are applying for is part-time, the hours will be stated in the advertisement and in the job pack and will be pro-rata to those of a full-time teacher.

Your statutory entitlement to annual leave will coincide with periods of school closure and is therefore considered to be taken during that time.

Probationary period

Teachers new to the profession will be required to undertake a period of induction to confirm qualified status. Full details will be provided on appointment.

Pension scheme

As a teacher, you will automatically be a member of the Teachers' Pension Scheme and pay pension contributions unless you choose to opt out or have opted out previously in which case you should notify the Pay and Employment Team accordingly. If you are a part-time teacher who has not had a change of contract since January 2007 and you are currently out of the scheme, you will have to be put into the pension scheme whenever there is a change of contract unless you have already formally opted out of the pension scheme or complete an opt out form now.

Medical clearance

The appointment is subject to a satisfactory health assessment.

Asylum and Immigration Act 1996

The Asylum and Immigration Act 1996 requires the county council to check that you are entitled to work in the UK. If you are selected for interview you will need to produce evidence of your identity through your birth certificate and passport/ driving licence and evidence that you are entitled to work in the UK. You will be informed in your interview letter of the exact documentation you will need to bring.

Criminal conviction clearance

Appointment to any job working with children requires a satisfactory Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check.

Proof of qualifications / driving licence

If the post requires specific qualifications you will need to bring in the certificates of qualifications to interview. If the qualifications are in a different name you will need to produce evidence to validate the changed name.

If the duties of the post involve driving we will ask to see your driving licence. You will be informed in your interview letter of the exact documentation you will need to bring.

No smoking policy

In line with legislation the council operates a no-smoking policy. Smoking is prohibited in all county council buildings.

Equal opportunities policy

The council is opposed to any form of unfair discrimination and is publicly committed to be an equal opportunity employer. It is our practice to eliminate discrimination in employment practices by disregarding assumptions or preferences which are not strictly job related whether in selection for appointment, promotion or transfer, or in the application of conditions of service.

Job share

Applications are welcome from candidates wishing to job share or work on a part-time basis unless the advert or application pack specifically indicates otherwise.

Car allowance

If you use your car for work, you will be paid in line with the Inland Revenue 'All Car' mileage rate. Current rates are up to 10,000 miles at 45p/mile per financial year and any further mileage will be paid at 25p/mile.

Cycle allowance

If you use your bicycle for work you can claim 20p per mile travelled.

Membership of a trade union

You have the right to join a trade union and to take part in its activities. The county council recognises Unison for employees under 'Green Book' terms and conditions.


Employees are no longer subject to a general retirement date (effective from 1 October 2011). Employment will therefore continue until it is ended by either the employee giving notice or action by the employer for a specified reason such as redundancy or dismissal for conduct or capability reasons.


Teachers are required to give and receive at least two calendar months notice to end appointments that are to take effect at the end of the spring and autumn terms, and three calendar months notice for appointments to take effect at the end of the summer term. I.e. by 28 February, 31 May and 31 October.

Oxfordshire operates a six-term year, but for the purposes of appointment, resignation and retirement the national conditions of service will apply.

Last reviewed
19 September 2017
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