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West Oxfordshire strategic planning applications

Strategic planning applications submitted to West Oxon District Council that we have commented on.

Application number Response date Location Proposal Document (s)
17/03338/RES 08/11/2017 Burford Road, Witney Construction of 260 dwellings (appearance, scale, landscaping and layout). OCC response to 17/03338/RES (pdf format, 225 Kb)
17/03252/RES 02/11/2017 Land at Downs Road Curbridge Mixed use development comprising; an employment area of up to a maximum of 3,270 sq meters B1 (a) offices; a hotel (up to 62 bed); up to maximum of 257 homes together with public open spaces; landscaping, new access to Downs Road and other associated works. OCC response to 17/03252/RES (pdf format, 195 Kb)
17/02602/SCOPE 04/09/2017 Amendment: 06/10/2017 Land at London Road and Trinity Road, Chipping Norton Scoping Opinion for proposed outline application for the development of land to the south of Great Western Park, for approximately 1,023 dwellings. OCC response to 17/02602/SCOPE (pdf format, 189 Kb)

OCC response to 17/02602/SCOPE-2 (pdf format, 90 Kb)
16/01450/OUT 07/06/2016 Land at Downs Road, Curbridge Mixed use development comprising: an employment area of up to a maximum of 3,720 sq metres B1(a) offices; a hotel (up to 62 beds); up to a maximum of 257 homes together with public open spaces; landscaping, new access to Downs Road and other associated works. OCC Final response to 16/01450/OUT (pdf format, 540 Kb)
16/01364/OUT 07/06/2016 Amendment: 25/08/2016 Land East of Woodstock, Oxford Road, Woodstock Outline planning application (all matters reserved except for means of access in respect of new junction arrangements) comprising of up to a maximum of 300 residential dwellings, up to 1,100 sqm of A1/A2/B1/D1 floorspace; associated infrastructure, engineering and ancillary works; provision of public open space; formation of vehicular accesses; and Full Planning Application for the development of phase 1 comprising 46 residential dwellings (46 of the 300 described above) with associated infrastructure and engineering works. OCC Final Response to 16/01364/OUT (pdf format, 570 Kb)

OCC Final Response to 16/01364/OUT-2 (pdf format, 730 Kb)
15/04061/OUT 16/12/2015 Land South of Stanmore Crescent, Carterton Demolition of existing no. 54 dwellings and outline consent sought for development of 135 residential dwellings (Class C3) with access via Stanmore Crescent/Upavon Way and Abingdon Road/ Brize Norton Road. All matters reserved save access. OCC Final response to 15/04061/OUT (pdf format, 468 Kb)
15/02687/OUT 11/09/2015 Witney Road, Long Hanborough Erection of up to 169 dwellings with new Doctors' Surgery to be up to 740sq metres in size with around 27 car parking spaces (means of access only) OCC Final response to 15/02687/OUT  (pdf format, 281Kb)
15/00700/OUT 10/04/2015 Land North of Burford Road, Witney Outline planning application for 260 residential dwellings, access, public open space and associated works OCC Final response to 15/00700/OUT (pdf format, 297Kb)
14/01671/OUT 23/12/2014 Land North of Woodstock Road, Witney Outline application for the erection of up to 200 residential dwellings and associated vehicular, pedestrian and cycle access, related highways works, drainage and landscape works including provision of public open space. OCC Final response to 14/01671/OUT (pdf format, 501Kb)
14/0482/P/OP 15/05/2014 Land to the west of Upavon Way and north of Alvescot Road, Carterton Development of approximately 1,000 houses, local shops and community centre.  Employment area, primary school, public open space, sports pitches and play areas.  Ecology Park, allotments and ancillary works. OCC Final Response to 14/0482/P/OP (pdf format, 484Kb)

Older applications

For any strategic planning applications submitted before April 2014, please contact the Major Planning Applications Team or West Oxfordshire District Council for further information.

Last reviewed
29 November 2017
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