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About Oxfordshire

countryside and market towns

Oxfordshire is the most rural county in the south east.

It has a population of around 635,500 people.

Lots of people visit Oxfordshire to:

  • view the beautiful countryside
  • to visit the many market towns and
  • to visit Oxford city.

More about Oxford

Oxford is especially famous worldwide for its:

  • leading universities and
  • wonderful  buildings.

As well as this, Oxford is known for many other things such as its:

  • book publishers
  • poets and
  • history.
motorcar and scientist

Work and business in Oxfordshire


  • has high levels of employment and
  • people who work in Oxfordshire are  among the most highly-qualified in the country.

Oxfordshire is also world class in business. This includes:

  • motorsport engineering
  • science and
  • cryogenics. This is the study of very low temperatures.


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