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three young people looking sad

Bullying is wrong

Bullying is very serious. It makes people feel unsafe and unhappy. It is everyone’s job to do what they can to stop it.


boy being bullied

What is bullying?

Bullying is when someone is unkind to another person on purpose. The person being bullied has problems stopping the bullying. So the bully continues to be unkind.


young man and women laughing at young women

Types of bullying

There are different types of bullying:

  • Pushing, hitting or hurting someone
  • Taking or breaking someone’s things
  • Calling someone names or saying nasty things to someone
  • Leaving someone out of the group
  • Ganging up on someone
  • Making you do something you don’t want to do
  • Saying nasty things behind someone’s back
  • Sending nasty texts or messages on the internet


groups of happy young people and a happy man in a wheelchair

You have the right to feel safe and be happy

If someone else is stopping you from feeling safe or being happy then they are bullying you. This may stop you from doing the things you want to do. You may also feel unhappy.


You have a right to:

  • feel safe
  • be happy
  • go where you want.


You also have a right to say no if someone asks you to do something which makes you feel unsafe or uncomfortable.


someone being pointed at and a bully holding a boy

Why do bullies hurt others?

Bullies might hurt others because:

  • they are stressed or feel threatened
  • they have problems making friends
  • they think they can get away with it
  • they are not confident themselves


Bullies are often unhappy. But none of these reasons give them the right to hurt others.


If you are bullying someone or think you could be talk to someone you trust like a:

  • teacher
  • friend
  • or parent.


If you are honest they can help you stop.


young man holding up hand and young girl talking to her mother

What you can do if you are being bullied

  • Stay calm
  • Walk away or avoid the bully
  • Don’t take notice
  • Ask the person to stop
  • Don’t fight back
  • Say no or leave me alone
  • look confident and unafraid
  • Try to get someone’s attention when you are being bullied
  • Tell someone you trust


people having a meeting and a man listening

How others can help you

You may be afraid to tell someone but it will help. Find someone you trust and who will listen.


They can help you:

  • speak up for yourself
  • find out the truth and sort out the problem
  • help the bully understand how it makes you feel
  • give you confidence


If there is no one you trust, you can call Childline on 0800 1111.


They will listen to you.


man with arms spreadout

Feeling good, feeling strong

If you feel good about yourself you are less likely to be bullied or be a bully.


Find activities that make you feel safe, confident and happy.


If you see someone else being bullied try and help them by passing on this advice.



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