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Fire and Rescue Service in Oxfordshire

firefighter and engine

What does the Fire and Rescue Service do?

Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service responds to emergencies and educates on fire and road safety.



people with 365 alive logo

What is 365 alive?

365alive is the fire and rescue services vision to make sure they are working every day to save and improve the lives of people across Oxfordshire.


firefighter control operator and support staff

Fire and Rescue Service roles

There are many roles within the Fire and Rescue Service for uniformed and non-uniformed staff:

Fire Control operators arrange what fire engines, equipment and firefighters are needed during an emergency.

We have both full and part time firefighters.  Part time firefighters are also known as on-call firefighters.  They carry a pager and are 'on-call' when they are at their place of work or at home.

Behind the firefighters are a team of dedicated support staff keeping vital services running smoothly.



a firestation

Fire stations

There are 24 fire stations across Oxfordshire:

  • 6 are full time fire stations
  • 18 are part time fire stations
a fire risk check

Safe and well check

The Safe and Well visit is a free service offered by Oxfordshire County Council Fire and Rescue Service.

If you would like us to we will visit you in your home to see what we can do to make you safer. We will have a chat with you around improving your health and wellbeing.


a smoke detector

A smoke alarm

A smoke alarm is the easiest way to alert everyone in the house to the danger of fire. Make sure you have working smoke alarms on each level of your house and test them once a week.


A fire plan

Fire escape plan

It can be difficult to think clearly in an emergency:

  • having a risk plan and
  • practising an escape plan will help you act quickly if there is a fire in your home


candles cooking sparkler and bbq

Fire safety

We provide fire safety advice from fire safety at home to fire safety outdoors. We also go to schools and educate pupils on how to be fire safe.


a cyclist motorcyclist driver and man in wheelchair

Road safety

We provide road safety advice for pedestrians, cyclists, drivers and motorcyclists. We also provide road safety education training for schools.




Drago the Dragon is a story of a young dragon who learns the importance of not playing with matches and lighters.  Drago has lots of fun activities for children to do on our 365 Alive website.


a house on fire


Arson is a crime where a fire is deliberately started. If we suspect arson we will work with Thames Valley Police to investigate.


A man on the phone

Hoax calls

A hoax call is when a person telephones the Fire, Police or Ambulance service and tells them there is an emergency when there is not.

Hoax calls turn the emergency services away from people who need their help.  This can mean:

  • the difference between life and death for someone in difficulty
  • putting the lives of the public and emergency services in danger

Any person who makes a hoax call is breaking the law.


a boy playing with fire

Firesetter Intervention Scheme

Every fire can be dangerous to both lives and property, whether the fire was started by:

  • a curious child playing with matches
  • a child seeking attention
  • or the malicious act of a troubled teenager


The intervention scheme aims to:

  • educate children and young people who have already shown an interest in fire
  • or those who may be likely to


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