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Parking in Oxfordshire

a pay and display machine

Parking on the street

There are different charges and time limits for parking on the streets across the county. You must check the signs or pay and display machines for information when you park.

a marked bay

What are controlled parking zones?

This is an area where there are rules about parking on busy streets. Local councils use these to manage parking. This means that you must park in marked bays and must have a parking permit.

a car displaying a permit

Parking permits

Oxford city is the only area of the county to have controlled parking zones. Local residents and businesses in Oxford can apply for a permit.

a wheelchair user getting in to a car

Parking for people with disabilities

We can offer cheaper street parking for people with disabilities who travel as drivers or passengers. This is to help people who find it very difficult to walk to get to places easier.

This is called the blue badge scheme. People with a range of physical disabilities including people that are registered blind can apply for cheaper parking.

a park and ride bus

Park and Ride services

Park and Ride is the easiest way to get into Oxford and Oxford hospitals by car. You simply park your car at a Park and Ride site and use a bus to get to your destination. You will need to pay to park and pay your return bus fare.

a car parked illegally


Cars that are parked illegally cost lots of money in damages to paving and grass edges. This will also make lots of problems for blind, disabled and older people.

a parking fine on a car

Parking fines

People that park illegally will be given parking fines. Some cars that are parked dangerously can be taken away. We do not clamp vehicles. If your vehicle has been clamped on private land there should be contact details on your vehicle.

a bus lane

Bus lane rules in Oxford

Bus lane rules have been introduced to clear busier roads and improve bus travel. This means that only buses and taxis can use the lanes at certain times.

Sometimes people misuse the lanes which causes problems. People who don’t follow the rules will be fined.

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