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Registering a birth in Oxfordshire

mother and baby and someone writing

What does this mean and when should I do it?

When you have a baby you must get it registered. This means going somewhere to give information about:

  • the birth of your baby
  • the mother and father of the baby.

Your baby’s birth must be registered before 42 days or six weeks. 

lady on phone and registration office

Where should I register the birth?

If your baby was born in Oxfordshire, the birth can be registered in any one of the registration offices in the county. We can tell you where these are and how to contact them. When you contact the helpline, staff will:

  • tell you what you need
  • help with any queries.
someone holding up an information sign

What information will the Registrar ask for?

  • When the baby was born and where.
  • The sex of the baby.
  • The baby's full names and surname.
  • When the parents were born and where.
  • What the parents do.
  • The mother’s surname at birth.
  • If the parents are married.
  • Where the parents are living.

When you register, a short certificate of the birth will be given free. A full birth certificate showing both the parents' names can be bought for a small fee.

mother, father and baby and someone writing

Who can register a birth?

  • Either parent may register the birth if they are married to each other.
  • If they are not married and the father's details are to be included, then both parents must attend together.
changing a birth certificate

Changing information on the birth certificate

You might want to:

  • change the surname of your child
  • change the first name of your child
  • correct a mistake.

Your changes might include:

  •  the father's details
  • the mother's surname if the child's parents have married since the birth.

We can advise you what to do if you need to make changes to the birth certificate and what forms you might need to fill in.

a naming ceremony

Naming ceremonies

This is a chance to:

  • celebrate the birth of a child or to
  • welcome adopted and stepchildren into the family.

Although you may prefer to arrange a christening or a baptism many people may prefer a ceremony that is not religious.

mother, father and baby and someone writing

Who can arrange a naming ceremony?

  • A parent
  • A legal guardian

A legal guardian is a person who has been chosen to look after someone.

a group of people and a baby

What are they for?

Naming ceremonies can be arranged to:

  • celebrate the naming of a child or children
  • show your love and commitment to the child
  • welcome the child into the community
  • choose friends and family to support the child
  • give grandparents the chance to show their support.
lady on phone and registration office

Where can naming ceremonies be held?

We offer naming ceremonies in all our registration offices and at any public building within the county.  

We can provide you with information about arranging a naming ceremony and the costs that might be included.

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