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Roads in Oxfordshire

traffic cones and road work signs


Each year lots of work is carried out on the roads in Oxfordshire.  We do most of this work as well as gas, water and electricity companies. We can give you information on what roads are being disrupted across the county.

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Report a problem

You can tell us about problems you find on the roads and streets in Oxfordshire. You might want to report things such as potholes in the roads and faults with street and traffic lights.

a road gritter vehicle

Roads in the winter

We try to keep major roads across the county free from ice and snow in the winter. You can find out which roads we grit and contact us if you find a road that may need clearing.

a lady angry on the phone

Claims for compensation

We are responsible for keeping all roads and footpaths safe.

If you:

  • have an accident or
  • there is damage to your property

and you think it happened because we have not kept our roads and footpaths safe, you can make a claim. We can then look at your claim to see if you should get money for the accident of damage.

a selection of road signs

Road signs

We use lots of road signs to make it easier and safer to drive around Oxfordshire. You can contact us if a sign is damaged or missing.

a bus lane

Bus lane rules in Oxford

Bus lane rules have been introduced to clear busier roads and improve bus travel. This means that only buses and taxis can use the lanes at certain times.

People who don't follow the rules may be fined.

policeman with speed check machine and speed camera

Safer driving

We work with Thames Valley Police to try to make the roads safer for everyone.

We do this by:

  • introducing new speed limits
  • using signs
  • doing speed checks and
  • using speed cameras. 
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