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Rubbish and recycling in Oxfordshire

man pulling wheelie bin

Rubbish and recycling collection

Your local district council collects rubbish and recycling from your house.

They will help you:

  • to request a new bin or bin lid
  • find out about collection times
  • find out what to put in your recycling box and
  • find out about recycling banks in your area.
man at a recycling centre

Household waste recycling centres

We have many waste recycling centres open across Oxfordshire. You can find out where these centres are and their opening times.

You can take your:

  • household recycling
  • waste for landfill

to any of the centres free of charge. There is a charge to dispose of tyres and home improvement waste. This includes:

  • baths
  • kitchen units
  • bricks and rubble.
objects that can be recycled

What can be recycled?

We have a helpful list that suggests what household items can be recycled.

a man with asbestos sheet

Dealing with asbestos

Asbestos can be found in the walls and ceilings of your house. Asbestos is made up of fibres that can be dangerous if breathed in.

Some types of asbestos can be removed by hand but you must be very careful. Sheets of cement asbestos can be taken to three of our household waste recycling centres. You will only be allowed to get rid of eight sheets each time you go and they must not be larger than 6 x 4 feet. The sheets must be double wrapped in very thick plastic so they are completely secure.

aerosol cans

Getting rid of dangerous household waste

Hazardous waste means rubbish that can be dangerous to your health or the environment. This can includes:

  • chemical waste
  • explosive waste
  • radioactive waste.

All of our waste recycling centres take hazardous waste such as:

  • aerosols
  • batteries
  • cleaning chemicals
  • engine oil.

For more information about what you can dispose of you can look at our recycling list.

a man and a lady holding recycling

Community groups

There are many local community groups who think of ways to reduce, reuse and recycle rubbish. Each group will also think about ways to reduce carbon emissions. The groups are made up of volunteers who run events, projects and training.

We can help you join or set up a community group.

someone holding compost


You can cut down your rubbish by composting kitchen and garden waste.

Lots of kitchen and garden waste can be composted to provide natural food for your soil. We have compost bins that people living in Oxfordshire can buy for lower prices.

someone putting food waste into a bin

Food waste collection

We know that taking waste to landfill is expensive and harmful to the environment.

This is why your local district council picks up your food waste from your home for composting.

a fridge

Getting rid of fridges and freezers

You can take your old fridges and freezers to any of the household waste recycling centres across Oxfordshire.

If you would like a fridge or freezer to be collected from your house you can contact your local district council. You might be charged for this service.

a sofa

Recycling your unwanted furniture

We have a list of local organisations and charities that will help you to donate your unwanted furniture.

a real nappy

Using real nappies

Any busy parent knows that disposable nappies are easy. Just buy, use and bin.

But we know that disposing of nappies in landfill sites is very bad for our environment. This is because disposable nappies take a very long time to rot.

If you live in Oxfordshire find out what options are available. We can also direct you to local businesses that sell real nappies.

a pile of electrical goods

Recycling your waste electrical equipment

Any of your electrical and electronic waste has to be disposed of separately to your other waste.

You can take most of your electrical waste to household waste recycling centres across Oxfordshire.
This includes things like:

  • clocks
  • computers
  • cookers washing machines and
  • televisions
  • anything with a battery or a plug.
a sofa and a  mattress that has been dumped

Reporting illegally dumped rubbish

People sometimes dump things such as:

  • tyres
  • fridges and freezers
  • garden waste.

Illegally dumping waste is a serious criminal offence and can end in large fines and imprisonment.
If you see anyone dumping rubbish in public areas please contact your local district council.

If you would like a response, enter your preferred method of contact.