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Early years tracking tool

A useful management tool for recording, tracking and analysing early years development data.


The early years tracking tool (EYTT) has been designed for early education and childcare providers in Oxfordshire. The easy-to-use tool allows providers to monitor the development of individual and groups.

Key features

  • It allows data to be entered up to four times per year for each Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) area of learning
  • Individual providers can choose how much or how little data is recorded and analysed. Unwanted columns can be hidden out of the way.
  • Progress data is automatically calculated and graphs are produced, which simplifies and speeds up data analysis.
  • Contextual data including gender, date of birth, attendance, vulnerable group, sessions, and key group can all be entered and the data filtered accordingly.
  • A two-year check column automatically displays when the check is due.
  • Ofsted want to see evidence that children’s progress is monitored effectively, and that individuals or groups in need of support have been identified and supported. The EYTT can provide this evidence.
  • Automatic reporting to display percentages working at each age banding.

Annual package options available for settings and schools

Option Pre-schools, nurseries and childminders* Schools and nurseries attached to schools
A – Tool, guidance notes and email support £50* (full price £80) £95
B – As with Option A plus attendance at one scheduled training session £95* (full price £125) £140
C – As with Option A plus one on-site visit (max 2 hours) £115* (full price £145) £160

Download the tracking tool

Complete the form below to request a download of the tracking tool.

Guidance and support

For help using and making the most of the tool read the guidance notes (pdf format, 1.4Mb) or read our tracking tool FAQs.

Best practice for data protection and information sharing

When recording and storing information about children you must comply with the Data Protection Act 1998. The Information Commissioner’s Office website on data protection principles gives helpful information.

As part of this you should ensure that the computer, or computers, on which you use the EYTT are secure and only accessible by authorised personnel. Read the Information Commissioner's Office website on security measures for details.

Before sharing information you record in the EYTT with other organisations make sure you have read guidance on sharing information from the Oxfordshire Safeguarding Children Board.

Should you need to share sensitive information via email we recommend using a secure email service such as Egress Switch.

Tracking tool request form

For example, nursery, pre-school, childminder, school.
This will affect which version of the tool you are sent.

Terms and conditions

  • The Early Years Tracking Tool (EYTT) is the property of Oxfordshire County Council and must not be disseminated out of Oxfordshire without express permission. 
  • The EYTT is to be used exclusively by the provider listed in this request form, it must not be passed on to any other provider or organisations without the express permission of Oxfordshire County Council.
  • By requesting the EYTT the provider confirms use of the tool will be managed within the guidelines of the provider’s own safeguarding and data protection policies
  • Information held on the EYTT is for the sole use of the specified provider, if this information is required by other providers or by Oxfordshire County Council all relevant data protection and file sharing policies must be adhered to.
  • The provider agrees to follow best practice and use a password on the EYTT at all times, the password and tool should only be shared with relevant personnel
  • The annual subscription is for the 2017/2018 school academic year only. All settings and schools are required to register each academic year.


  • Oxfordshire County Council cannot be held responsible for any breach in safeguarding or data protection, it is also not responsible for the validity or backing up of the data held on the tool

How we use your data

In this form, we ask for some personal information (such as name, address, postcode) in order to fulfil your request. This information is held securely and is only used to provide you with the service you have requested. Any processing of your information is carried out in line with the requirements of current data protection legislation. Further details about how we process personal data can be found in our Privacy notice.


Last reviewed
11 May 2017
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