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Position statement on solar development

Technical advice on potential issues raised by major ground-mounted solar energy proposals.

This position statement sets out Oxfordshire County Council’s view on the principle of solar photovoltaic (PV) development and provides technical advice on  issues which should be considered when developing major ground-mounted solar energy proposals. 

The statement has been subject to consultation with relevant organisations and was approved by Oxfordshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for the Environment on 13 November 2014.

What the statement aims to do

The statement aims to:

  • provide pre-application advice
  • inform local planning policy
  • complement national planning policy and guidance.

Support in principle

Oxfordshire County Council supports solar PV development in principle provided there are no significant environmental or visual impacts that cannot be managed through the planning process.

Key issues

The policy statement advises  how proposals  should:

  • be appropriately sited
  • respect local landscape, heritage and visual amenity
  • mitigate transport impacts
  • take the opportunity to enhance biodiversity.

Roof-mounted panels

Please note: this statement does not set out a position on roof-mounted solar panels as these raise detailed local environmental and visual impact issues which local planning authorities are best placed to assess.

Pre-application advice

Applicants should contact the relevant local planning authority for advice before submitting a planning application for a solar farm.

Last reviewed
03 August 2017
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