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Using wiki websites to tell your story

Using simple, accessible, secure and easy-to-build wiki websites to tell your story.

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Wiki websites let you tell your story, showing what you can do, what your hopes are and the things you may need help with.

A wiki website is owned by the child/young person and their family and can be used to create interactive person centred plans through pictures, words, videos and sound. A wiki website is accessible to others if the family gives permission.

Although originally designed for and with those with learning disabilities, wiki websites can be used by a wide range of children and young people with differing needs.

Wiki websites are easy to use and to keep up to date. It only contains the information you want to include in it. You can see your wiki website on a computer, laptop, tablet (iPad) or even a phone.


Watch a video by Rix Research and Media and find out what a wiki website is and how one can support you. 

Listen to some Oxfordshire wiki users talking about how a wiki has helped them.

Parent wiki user

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I’ve had a wiki for my son for about a year and a half. I’ve made it so it shows a whole picture of him and anybody who doesn’t know him can get to know him before meeting him. I’ve got various different sections. There’s an ‘all about me’ section that would be relevant for anybody to watch and then more specific sections for things that are more specific to school or health or independence or anything like that.

When I first started doing the wiki, I did find it a little bit daunting; having it up on the laptop and realising all the videos and photos were on my phone and having to get one to the other. After a very short training session, I realised that I could actually do it all from my phone, so I could be out for the day, I could take photos, videos, upload them, do the text and all sorts, just off 3G, takes a couple of minutes. Since I’ve discovered how to do it on the phone, there’s been no stopping me. It’s been great.

When my son went into his new class, with new teachers and new TA’s, they were having a few issues, with dressing him and a couple of sort of behavioural things. I sent them invites to look at the relevant section of the wiki and that has completely solved the problem. They can now see how to dress him, what his triggers are for upset amongst other things, so it’s been really helpful for that. I found the wiki really useful when we were advertising for a new carer for my son. The person we eventually selected was invited to look at the ‘all about me’ section and she was able to get a really good picture of my son before meeting him. It meant that the first session they had together just went really, really smoothly and I can keep that bit updated and she can watch it whenever she wants and we’re still going strong now, so it’s been fantastic.

Going forward I can see the wiki being really helpful for my son going into any new setting , such as after school clubs, holiday clubs, even a new school or anything as he gets older. I can send a link to the new setting and they can look at all the relevant sections or the whole wiki and they would get to know my son really well before they met him and hopefully iron out any potential problems that we may have had.

One really good part of having the wiki was for my husband’s family who live far, far away – probably about 300 miles. They don’t see my son or us very often so they’ve been able to keep in touch and get to know him and see all the changes as they happen by having a link to the wiki and watching it on a regular basis and I know they absolutely love it.

Young person wiki user

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Also what I like about wikis is that you can put many things about you in different categories which I really think is really clever. It helps you make it easier to split different aspects of yourself and tell them one at a time and it makes people be patient. It helps them really understand and it makes it easier for them to understand and it makes it easier for me to say things one at a time.

Reading from wiki page – It’s brilliant. I have loads of friends. My favourite subjects are music and drama. My dream job is to become an actor.

I’ve done a presentation before, not for wiki, but basically just a presentation to show people that I am a normal person and wiki just makes that presentation even more powerful and, ‘cos instead of words, words in art can really make your words mean something and make them feel powerful.

It’s really cool, like don’t worry. It’s super easy to use. Just give it a try and if it’s not the thing for you then no pressure.


Are they safe?

All wiki websites are private and secured by a password that only you will know. You can choose to keep your wiki website private, or share it with people you know and trust.

What equipment do you need?

You need a good internet connection plus a web browser. The wiki website works really well in all popular web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

Am I eligible for a wiki website in Oxfordshire?

If you receive SEND support and either live in the county of Oxfordshire and/or access an educational establishment based in Oxfordshire it is likely that you will be eligible.

If you are eligible, you will be sent log in details for your wiki website within five working days.

If you are not eligible, we will let you know within five working days and explain why we think you are not eligible.

Currently, licences for wikis are funded by the local authority until the end of August 2018.

In Summer 2017 RIX Media launched ‘My Wiki’, the first RIX Wiki package for individual Wiki subscriptions, making private RIX Wikis available to anyone who wants to use them. The ‘My Wiki’ package has an annual subscription cost of £60 per year inc. of VAT. 

For further information, read the flyer (pdf format, 170Kb) or contact


Read our latest Oxfordshire wiki newsletter (pdf format, 265Kb)

Online application form

Apply for a wiki using the form below.

Who is the Wiki for?

(Early Years Setting/School/Academy/College/Training Provider)

Choose a username

The username should be lowercase letters or numbers only (no spaces, underscores, etc.) and not more than 20 characters long.

You use this username along with a password to login and edit the Wiki.  Once set, it cannot be changed.

Details of the person requesting and responsible for the wiki 

Terms and conditions

  1. Each new RIX Wiki is requested & registered by a Signatory who has the duty of care for the person with a learning disability who will be using this account or Wiki. It is the Signatory’s professional or personal responsibility to ensure that the best interests of the users are fully served.


  1. All new Wiki accounts are automatically created as ‘private’, which means that they can only be viewed by a person who has login and password details for that Wiki. We recommend that all private documents attached to the Wiki (e.g. school reports, medical statements etc.) should always be password protected. The Rix Centre administrator may have access to this information but they will treat it as private and confidential and will not share it with anyone.


  1. The person named above as the person requesting the Wiki on this RIX registration form (the Signatory) will be solely responsible for all the content of the Wiki including information, photos, graphics, video and audio clips, links, files and any other material displayed on the Wiki.


  1. If a Wiki is being used to share information with other people (either by using the ‘Invite’ feature or in cases of ‘Public Information’ Wiki’s by making the Wiki public) it is the Signatory’s responsibility to ensure that only information relevant and appropriate for the intended audience or invited party is shared. Signatories are advised not to share information that is private and sensitive on a public Wiki.


  1. We advise Signatories to ensure that pictures, text, sound or video clips used on the Wiki do not disclose any sensitive personal details for example:


  • The user’s full name – it is a good idea to use just the first name or a nickname
  • The user’s personal address – you should never publish details of the users full home address
  • Credit card details – never publish your own or anyone else’s credit card details
  • O Passport or driving licence – never publish photos or videos of your passport or other ID documents


  1. The Signatory confirms that they will not post or reproduce any copyright proprietary information belonging to others without obtaining their prior written consent.


  1. The Signatory will ensure that anyone performing an editorial or administration role in respect of the Wiki has been checked according to your National Legislation.

By pressing ‘submit’ you agree to the council’s terms and conditions for a person centred planning wiki.

How we use your data

In this form, we ask for some personal information (such as name, address, postcode) in order to fulfil your request. This information is held securely and is only used to provide you with the service you have requested. Any processing of your information is carried out in line with the requirements of current data protection legislation. Further details about how we process personal data can be found in our Privacy notice.


Last reviewed
10 May 2018
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