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Meals and transport

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Meals in the Community Support Service

We know that eating food socially is an enjoyable experience and provides the pleasure of conversation and nutrition, as well as the opportunity to meet other people.

We understand that in day services, food is an important part of people’s day and in the eight Community Support Service centres there continues to be an emphasis on food and social eating.

Meals are not included in the cost of the service. Staff work with people to plan their support, and options for food are varied:

  • Staff can provide transport and support to go to an eating place of a person's choice - this could be a local pub, cafĂ© or restaurant.
  • Cooking as part of a small group: staff can support people to prepare a meal for the group
  • People can pay towards a group meal that is being prepared by others without cooking themselves
  • People can pay towards a simple hot meal prepared by staff.
  • People can bring their own pre-prepared meal or light lunch into the service to eat.

Transport in the Community Support Service

Each of the centres has its own fleet of family-size vehicles, some of which have been adapted. These vehicles are driven by Community Support Centre staff.

For people who have an assessed eligible need for transport to and from the centre, this can be provided at a cost to your personal budget of £20 a day.

People without eligible needs may use the transport service at a cost of £20 a day, subject to availability.

The cost is £20 a day regardless of whether or not it is a return journey. Where (in exceptional circumstances) a taxi is used, the cost is still £20 a day.

Organised activities that require transport during the day, will be provided at no extra cost.  Exceptional day trips will incur an additional charge based on the actual cost of transport required. This charge will be payable in advance of the trip, with payment taken via debit card at the Community Support Service centre or by telephone. 

Last reviewed
05 October 2017
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