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The LGPS for councillors

Information for eligible councillors

After 31 March 2014

After 31 March 2014 elected members were no longer permitted to join the LGPS.

Councillors, who were scheme members on 31 March 2014, are able to retain their membership and contribute to the scheme while they continue to hold their current office.

A term of office ends on the fourth day after the ordinary day of election. Membership will cease at that time even if re-elected.

A councillor already in the LGPS can choose to opt out of the scheme before the next election, and must leave the scheme to allow benefits to be paid before age 75.

Although the membership pack for elected members was withdrawn following the change in regulations, all the current terms of your membership of the LGPS will continue until you leave the scheme at the next election, or sooner, as appropriate.   

Frequently asked questions

What do I receive as a member of the scheme?

As a member of the scheme you will receive:

  • tax relief on pension contributions
  • instant life assurance cover and possible spouse's benefits
  • index linked benefits, including a tax free lump sum payment.

The latest guide for eligible councillors to the LGPS (pdf format, 506Kb)

How do I make an expression of wish after I die?

This form allows you to register with the Oxfordshire Pension Fund who or where you wish to receive any possible death grant payment.  The final payment is with the absolute discretion of the Oxfordshire Pension Fund.

What happens when I leave office

Once you have left office, and you have at least three months membership in the LGPS, you will be entitled to a pension benefit. However, you may not be entitled to an immediate payment. Payment of a pension may only commence once you no longer have any office at the council you previously served, and subject to your age and scheme membership rules.    

There will be a delay in supplying you with full details of your pension benefits. We cannot begin the pension assessment until the district or county have provided the full leaving details additionally we need confirmation of the Retail Price Index for the month in which you left from  the Office of National Statistics.

Deferred pensions

After you have left office, or have opted out of the LGPS during office, we will calculate your 'deferred pension benefit'. Although we have assessed the value of your pension benefit, you do not have entitlement to an immediate payment.

We will send you a statement every year so you know the value being held in the fund. Please make sure you tell us when you change your address.

Further information

If you have other questions about your pension please contact the Pension Services  

Last reviewed
22 September 2017
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