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Highway Authority work to manage public rights of way

Rights of Waynetwork information and responsibility for management of these highways

Task team working on a bridge installation at Sydenham

The Oxfordshire Rights of Way network contains

  • over 2000 bridges, culverts and other structures
  • around 6000 signposts
  • over 6000 gates
  • over 4000 stiles

Highway authorities manage the Public Rights of Way network in partnership with land managers, user groups and local councils. The duty of the highway authority is to help people enjoy legitimate use of rights of way and ensure that all people and organisations involved with rights of way understand their responsibilities and are able to meet them effectively.

Action highway authority undertakes:

  • investigate complaints and take appropriate action as necessary to ensure paths remain reasonably convenient to use
  • work with community groups and parish and town councils and meetings to find local solutions to local challenges - including providing advice and guidance for potential bids grant making organisations
  • Support volunteer groups such as the Ramblers, the Cotswolds Wardens and the Chiltern Society to survey and undertake maintenance and improvement work in the rights of way network
  • signpost nearly all rights of way where they leave a metalled road and direction sign 'way mark' many of them through fields and the rural environment
  • attempt to remove excessive natural vegetation growing on key routes
  • provide and maintain most bridges over natural watercourses
  • provide, in approved cases, support for the maintenance of stiles and gates. We also encourage and support farmers to make access easier by removing stiles where they are no longer needed, replacing stiles with gates wherever possible and making existing gates easier to use
  • provide information to assist users, landowners and others who are involved with public rights of way
  • Manage areas of access land by keeping signs up to date and clearing access points
Last reviewed
02 November 2017
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