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Fostering plus scheme

A scheme for caring for challenging and troubled children and young people.


What is the fostering plus scheme?

The fostering plus scheme is a fostering package provided to some of our most complex young people and children to give them a chance to live in ordinary families within the community. Aged between 5-18, some with disabilities, they can be placed on short or long term placement.

It is important for these young people and children to know that the people looking after them really care about their current issues and are going to do their best to help them in the future. As a foster plus carer you will need to share time, family and love with these young people to make a huge difference to their lives.

Fees, training and support

We recognise that we are expecting families to undertake a challenging task and in recognition of the fact we pay a professional fee, plus maintenance allowance for the young person or child. Read more about our allowances.

We provide training and ongoing support, both by social workers and other carers in the scheme. You will not be alone in caring for the young person/child, but will work as part of a team.

Things to think about

"After all the fights, all the aggro, all the storming out saying ‘I hate you’, I never thought he would come back to visit, let alone get a job. But now he breezes in, in his motorbike gear, and tells the other lads how to behave. Who would have thought it."

We do not expect foster plus carers to possess all the qualities or skills needed for the job at the outset.

We are looking for are resourceful people who want to work with young people and children and who are prepared to recognise and build on their existing skills and learn new ways of dealing with difficult behaviour.

Young people or children do have very complex needs. Training will be provided to help understand why these young people have become so troubled and offer guidance on appropriate strategies to meet these needs. They may need sympathetic and reliable care for a considerable time. The duration and terms of any placement will be set out in a written agreement at the beginning of the placement.

What do I need to be a foster plus carer?

We don’t expect foster plus carers to have all the skills at the beginning - just the motivation to work with us, and a comprehension of the complexity of the task.


  • a spare room
  • one carer to be at home full time
  • confidence and a positive attitude
  • ability to set consistent boundaries
  • ability to work with others
  • commitment to work with children in the long term and short term

If you are interested in becoming a foster plus carer, then contact us and we can give you more detailed information about the scheme, the children and the young people to be placed.

What some of our foster plus carers said

Foster plus carers tell us it's a rewarding and satisfying job, seeing children and young people gradually start to relax and enjoy themselves and gain skills makes it all worthwhile. It is important to be able to recognise and build on small successes.

'We knew we were getting there when she said sorry for the first time.'

'They all came back at Christmas and I felt really proud of them as we sat down to eat. They all looked smart and appeared so much more confident - that made it all worthwhile.'

Last reviewed
31 October 2017
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