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The statement to your LGPS benefit

An annual 'snap shot' review of the benefit held in the Oxfordshire Pension Fund.

Active members currently paying into the LGPS

Active members - currently paying into the LGPS

If you are a member of the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS), we will send you an annual benefit statement to show the value of your pension at the end of the scheme year - 31March 2017. You should have a statement for each pension record, which we will send out separately.

A statement shows a current value of your pension but also a projected value to your normal pension age, which is tied to your State Retirement Age, but cannot be less than age 65.

Find out more about your pension with the LGPS from the national website for members.

Frequently asked questions

I have got married and want to use my new name. How do I do that?

Your employer will tell us after you have told them. If you only want to use your new name for the pension record get in touch with Pensions Services direct to let us know what details you want recorded on the pension record.

I would like to make changes to the details held on my pension record, how do I do that?

You will find the expression of wish form to print out, fill in and post to Pension Services on this page

I have worked here for a long while but the membership showing on the statement is not the same, why?

Your membership is only recorded up to when the scheme changed in April 2014. If you work part time, your membership reflects your contractual hours and any changes up to 31 March 2014. There was a full break down in the statement issued for year ending 31 March 2014, the last year of recording LGPS membership. It is unlikely to have changed after that date.

From April 2014 your pension builds up differently each year in the Career Average Revalued Earnings - CARE scheme.  

How do I find out about the pension which may be due to my children if I died before retirement?

There is more detail in the leaflet ‘Life Cover - protection for your family’. You can apply to Pension Services for a detailed estimate about family benefits

The projected figures on my statement are no different to the current value, why? 

If you are working past your normal pension age / state pension age we cannot add a date to provide a projected value. We will recognise your continuing time in the scheme when we come to finally work out your retirement figures. 

If you  request to ‘restore ‘ lost pension within 30 days of returning to work your employer must pay a portion of the cost too.  Check with your employer about any options to extend the 30 day decision period

Where is my transfer?

If you started in the Oxfordshire Fund before 1 April 2017, but we did not get the final payment for the transfer from your previous pension arrangement in this fund until after 31 March 2017, the transfer will not show on this current statement. The value will be added to your pension account and reported to you next year.

There have been delays in dealing with transfers or linking membership between different LGPS funds. Please contact Pension Services to check on the status of your transfer.   

The CARE pay figure for the year on the statement looks low, how do I check this?

There may be several reasons for a lower figure and you must check the details with your employer, who provides the details for this section. 

A reduction in pay may be due to

  • Being  away from work with reduced or no pay because of certified sickness  however your employer should advise the value of ‘assumed pensionable pay’  to bring  your pension closer to your regular values at no extra cost to you, if you are away with reduced or no pay due to approved ill health.
  • Also ‘assumed pensionable pay’ should be included during periods of  ordinary paid child related leave.

Check with your  employer.

  •  If you have been away for an agreed period of authorised unpaid leave – or unpaid additional child related leave, the CARE pay will be lower because you have not been paid. You can buy ‘lost’ pension. Your employer can tell you how much pay you have lost because of your absence, and you use that to find out the costs of buying lost pension .

If you  request to ‘restore ‘ lost pension  within 30 days of returning to work your employer must pay a portion of the cost too.

  • Has your contract of employment changed, or your working hours been moved into different contracts? These could all be reasons for an apparent reduction. If you have separate contracts you should expect separate pension statements from each employment


I would like to take my pension now, how do I know what would be paid?

Pensions paid before your normal pension age will usually be reduced. The reductions will be specific to you; the length of time you are from your normal pension age, how long you have already been in the LGPS, your age when you decide to take your pension can all have an influence. This link  gives you an indication of the current reduction factors when used with the current value on your benefit statement.  

If you are leaving, aged at least 55 and want to take a pension early, remember you need to give Pension Services three months’ notice of your intended date to draw your pension. This page has more information about preparing for drawing your LGPS pension

Please note that a benefit statement is only an estimated value at a given date prepared under the regulations in operation at the time they were produced. Do check on the current situation before making financial decisions.


Last reviewed
06 March 2018
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