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Meet our team of children's social workers

Approachable managers, a great Ofsted rating, a great place to live and work.

That's just three of the 37.5 great reasons we've found to come and join us.

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“I’m Hannah Farncombe and I’m Deputy Director for Safeguarding and Corporate Parenting and I’ve been here for a long time – since 1995.

I know Oxfordshire really well and I know the staff that work in Oxfordshire really well because we have a very strong and staff group, both front line staff and managers. I know people pretty well here so I’ve come to really love the place over a long period of time.

But my own personal story is that when I left a very hard pressed London Borough I was, I suppose, at that time as a social worker a little bit concerned that I might be moving out to the sticks and it might be all a bit soft and it might be a bit pie in the sky and not really getting down and dirty with the real work.

And I can honestly say that in Oxfordshire you will meet the same high risk, complex cases, and the same range of families that you will meet anywhere. And the work is done to a very high standard, it’s supported by very stable and experienced managers and senior practitioners. We are very proud of the calibre of our staff.

And what I’ve found when I came here, and actually it hasn’t changed even though it was a long time ago, was that staff are very friendly to each other, they are really encouraging to each other, they are absolutely committed to doing the right things for children and families so you never feel out of step with that key, main ethos which is that we’re here to do the right thing for children.

I would encourage people to come to Oxfordshire because you will be well respected, well supported, it will be exciting, it will be rewarding, it will be challenging. You will be able to cut your teeth on some of the most important work that we do, we’ll be innovative and you’ll have a chance to debate things at a very high level and have very high quality supervision.”

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Alastair - Family Support Team

"Managers are extremely approachable and evidently care for your wellbeing"

Alastair Kinnaird

Carlie - Senior Practitioner

"We have just had a good Ofsted rating which is a positive for us – we have all worked really hard"

Carlie Proctor

Lucy Butler - Director

"Join a great new Children’s Service – Come to Oxfordshire"

Lucy Butler

Jenny - Family Support Team

"The working ethos here is outstanding. We have regular listening events to voice ideas"

Jenny Simons

Shaun - Principal Social

“Everyone is genuinely committed to getting the best possible outcomes for children"

Shaun Hanks
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