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Oxfordshire Lieutenancy

Lord Lieutenant logoThe Lord-Lieutenant represents Her Majesty The Queen in the county of Oxfordshire.

"The role of the Lieutenancy is to encourage and support all positive contributions to community life in the county, from whatever sources they may emerge.

The goal of this effort is to play a part in making Oxfordshire a fulfilling and satisfying environment for everyone who lives here"

- Tim Stevenson OBE, Lord-Lieutenant for Oxfordshire

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Who we are

About the Lord-Lieutenant and his deputies, and the background to the work they do.

Tim Stevenson OBE, Her Majesty's Lord-Lieutenant for Oxfordshire

Royal visits

How the Lord-Lieutenant, or one of his deputies, is involved in royal visits.

Royal visit

Military liaison

The Lord-Lieutenant's relationship with Oxfordshire's Armed Forces.

Military Liaison


How to invite the Lord-Lieutenant, or one of this deputies, to an event.


Honour nominations

How to nominate someone for an honour, or to request a royal congratulation message.

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