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School admission rules and policies

If a school does not have enough places for everyone who applies, the admission rules for that school will be used to decide who will get a place.

When school places are allocated by us, only one school place will be offered, even if your child meets the admission rules for more than one school. This avoids some children receiving no offer of a school place while others receive several.

Every school has a set of rules, known as the 'admissions arrangements' or ' oversubscription' criteria. Schools that are oversubscribed will follow these rules when allocating places. Admissions criteria are set by the school's admission authority. Oxfordshire County Council set the rules for community and voluntary controlled schools while  school's governing bodies decide for foundation, voluntary aided or academies.

The revised School Admissions Code and School Admission Appeals Code came into force on 1 February 2012.

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Admission rules

Admission policies and arrangements for admission to primary and secondary schools

School travel policies

Information about who can apply and what is available.

Continued Interest lists

Continued interest lists are also known as school waiting lists.

Determined schedule

Determined schedule of coordination for admission at the normal points of entry/transfer

Schools Adjudicator objections

Information about how to refer objections to the Office of the Schools' Adjudicator.

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