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A head teacher may decide to issue a fixed term exclusion to a pupil as a consequence of behaviour that breaches the school's behaviour policy.

A head teacher may decide to permanently exclude a pupil as a last resort in response to serious or persistent breaches of the school’s behaviour policy; and where allowing the pupil to remain in school would seriously harm their safety, welfare or education, or that of others in the school.

Exclusion and reintegration officers work closely with schools, governors, parents and local authority colleagues. They provide advice and guidance to help prevent exclusions and to ensure that procedures are followed correctly when a pupil is permanently excluded.

If your child is at risk of permanent exclusion or has been permanently excluded from school you can contact the Exclusion and Reintegration Team for advice and support. 

Pages in this section

How to request a review

What to do if you want to request a review of a governor disciplinary committee decision.

Fixed period exclusion

When a child is excluded from a school as a punishment for a fixed period of time.

Managed move

A strategy that is sometimes used when a child is almost at the point of permanent exclusion.

Permanent exclusion

What happens if a child is permanently excluded from school, and where to go for advice.

Keeping a record

Suggestions for keeping a record of your child's exclusions and patterns of behaviour.

Meadowbrook College

Oxfordshire’s pupil referral unit and integration service.

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