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Leaving and retirement

older coupleWhen a member of the LGPS leaves employment, opts out of the scheme or is no longer eligible to be a member, the pension contributions must stop and Pension Services need to know. A key employer role is to  decide on benefit entitlement, according to the regulations.

The tabs on this page take you, the employer, to more information and related processes for someone leaving the LGPS, when a pension:

  • must be payable immediately
  • could be payable if the member takes action
  • is not due immediately  

Pages in this section

Death in service

A guide following an employee’s death in service

Redundancy or efficiency

What employers need to do in the case of a redundancy or efficiency.

Ill health retirement

What employers need to do in the case of Ill health retirement.

Flexible retirement

What an employer needs to know when considering a request for flexible retirement.

Leaving employment

What employers need to do when an employee leaves, including for retirement.

Hidden costs for retirement

Information about the cost for early pension payment and other employer discretions

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