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Street maintenance A-Z

man digging on a roadWe have a responsibility to keep the roads and footpaths safe to use, so we inspect every adopted highway on a regular basis. Any area of road or pavement which we think may become an imminent danger to road users or pedestrians is noted and action taken to remove or repair the hazard.

Each year we assess the condition of our roads using a combination of visual inspections and machine surveys. Roads judged to need more extensive treatment are considered for inclusion in the major structural maintenance schemes programme.

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Report a pothole on a road or pavement.

Salting and snow clearance

How we keep roads clear of ice and snow in winter.

Snowy road in winter

Trees, hedges and ditches

How we look after roadside vegetation and consider requests for planting.

Street lighting

How to report a faulty or failure of a street light online or by phone.

Abandoned vehicles

What to do if you see an abandoned vehicle on the highway.

Abnormal loads

Information about abnormal loads for hauliers.

Animals on the highway

How to report fouling, dead or stray animals on the highway.


How to get permission to put a banner above a road.

Bus stops and shelters

How to request a new bus stop or shelter in your area.

Direction signs

How we decide when and where to put up direction signs on public highways.

Disabled parking places

How to request a disabled person's parking place (DPPP) on a public road.

Highway record map

How to apply for changes to the highway record map (an application for variation).

Highway Searches

How to find out if land is part of the public highway.

Litter and graffiti

How to report a litter problem or graffiti.

Information signs

Messages currently displayed on our variable roadside message signs.

Variable message sign icon

Mud on the highway

Hazards caused by mud and dirt on the highway.


How to report an obstruction to the road or pavement.


How to report a trip hazard and other defects on the pavement.

Pedestrian and cycle crossings

How to report a problem with a pedestrian crossing, and the different types.

Private access markings

How to request white lines on the road to protect private access to your home.

Removal of highway status

How to obtain land that has highway status (request a Stopping Up Order).

Road mirrors

What to do if you want to put up a mirror on a road.

Salt and grit bins

How to request a salt or grit bin for use in icy weather.

Service strips

How grass verges on public highways are maintained.

Street furniture

How to request street furniture on the public highway.

Tourism signing

How to request a brown road sign to direct people to a tourist attraction.

Traffic signals

You can help us to maintain Oxfordshire's traffic lights by telling us if you are aware of a fault.

Unauthorised signs

The consequences of putting unauthorised signs on the highway.


How to report a grass verge that needs cutting, and protect them from damage.

Walls and fences

Who to contact if a wall or fence needs to be repaired.

Weight Restriction Orders

Information about weight restriction orders for drivers and residents who want to report breaches.

Road sign


Report bridge damage or request approval to carry out work on or near a bridge.


How to make a claim for compensation if you suffer a personal injury or damage to your property.

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